Tax Return Preparation:

Business Returns – Businesses of all sizes, in all industries, can trust that their tax returns will be prepared accurately, timely, and economically.

Personal Returns – Individuals, regardless of their income or net worth, can rest assured that our professionals will take full advantage of all tax laws to maximize each person’s tax advantage.

Audit Defense: The I.R.S. is, quite simply, the world’s most powerful and fearsome collection agency. When they start questioning your returns, it can lead down a path that can have a very…dark…ending. When the letter start coming and/or the telephone starts ringing, CALL US ASAP! Our trained professionals can deal with the I.R.S. and protect you and/or your business from them.

Installment Plan Negotiation: Let’s face it, sometime cash flow runs short. It’s just something that happens to everyone. When cash flow is down, and the I.R.S. is demanding payment in full, the Marzen Law Office, P.L.L.C. can speak ‘I.R.S.-anese’ (it’s kind of like pig latin) to explain your cash flow situation, how much is available to pay on the correct tax amount owed, and that patience on the I.R.S.’s part is the best avenue toward a good resolution.

Offers In Compromise: An Offer in Compromise allows taxpayers, both individuals and businesses, the opportunity to settle an overwhelming tax debt for less than the full amount. This process gives taxpayers an opportunity to find relief from their tax burden, and the professionals at Marzen Law Office, P.L.L.C. can navigate you through the process to ensure you receive the maximum benefit possible from this process.

Hardship/Not Currently Collectible Status : There are times when things happen that are beyond your control that make the tax you legally owe an amount you can’t pay for a relatively short period of time. The I.R.S. demands to be paid in full, however. We can be your advocate to the I.R.S. to explain to them your situation, why you can’t pay pay for a while, and when payment(s) can be submitted. Everyone needs a little break sometimes because of situations out of our control. Let us take care of taking care of the I.R.S. for you.

Revenue Officer Defense: Did an I.R.S. Revenue Officer send contact you? Perhaps they showed up at  your door? YOU NEED HELP. NOW. A Revenue Office can be intimidating, and sometimes people agree to things they don’t need to. We can deal with the Revenue Office that comes calling and take all that stress off of you.

Innocent Spouse Relief: Sometimes our spouses do dumb things. When the I.R.S. is involved, though, we can rest assured what they did was really dumb. Innocent spouses can find relief from what their “other half” did under certain circumstances, and the Marzen Law Office, P.L.L.C. can help you find that relief.

Lien, Levy, & Seizure: The Marzen Law Office, P.L.L.C. has the tools, skills, and abilities to fight any lien, levy, and/or seizure the I.R.S. attempts on your property. Remember, the I.R.S. is the most powerful debt collector in the world. You need a skilled law firm on your side.

Tax Court Litigation: When the I.R.S. refuses to be reasonable, you need a law firm that can explain to a Tax Court Judge what’s going on. We can represent any business or individual in any state, and take every step necessary to ensure your rights are enforced. We are the solution for you when the I.R.S. refuses to do the right thing.