Unpaid Invoice Collection – Did you go into business so you could collect on your invoices? Probably not… Chances are you went into business to build homes, tow and repair vehicles, manufacture equipment and/or products, or provide a valuable service. Many times, business owners don’t realize how much productivity (thus, money) they lose trying to chase down unpaid invoices. By outsourcing your unpaid collections, your time is freed up to go do what you do best. We love helping good business owners get the money they’ve earned.

Commercial Litigation – Litigation (suing the debtor) is sometimes the only way to get the money you’ve earned. We have litigated and collected money in cases in many different industries. We engage diligent and thorough processes to ensure your rights are asserted, and the good work you have done is respected.

Garnishment & Execution – You’ve taken the debtor to court and you have a Judgment. Now what, you ask? It can be difficult and painful to track judgment debtors down and find collectible assets. We collect on our client’s judgments aggressively and thoroughly to ensure they get the money they deserve. Whether it’s levying on property, garnishing a bank account, or even sending Sheriff’s Deputies into their business to take the money out of the debtor’s cash registers, we do everything we can to get you your money.